This ten week Bible study, based in the first seven chapters of Matthew, will challenge us to really know Jesus and look to Him in ways we may never have before. Throughout this study, the teachings of Jesus will be unfolded and will encourage us to put aside the demands of our present-day world and sit at His feet so we might truly hear His message to us. And as we listen attentively, our hearts will be pierced by the voice of Jesus. We will know His heart and know that we can ask Him for the grace we need to obey Him fully. After completing this study, be sure to move on to the companion study, Jesus, I Love You.
We pray you will be blessed by this deeper study of God's Word!
Laurie Aker & Thistlebend Ministries

Introductory Lesson

Lesson 1: Jesus, My Immanuel

Lesson 2: Voice in the Wilderness

Lesson 3: Journey to the Jordan

Lesson 4: Into the Desert

Lesson 5: The Light Dawned

Lesson 6: Up on the Mount

Lesson 7: Blessed Attributes Pt.1

Lesson 8: Blessed Attributes Pt.2

Remember that the Sermon on the Mount isn't the words of Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, George Washington, or some other great man. It is the Word of God - the very words of Jesus Christ. Take time this week, as soon as possible to take these words to heart.

1. Prayerfully consider who spoke these words.
2. Prayerfully consider what has been said.
3. Prayerfully walk forward - living it out by grace through faith.

Lesson 9: A City Set on a Hill

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